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Name:Sharon Carter, Agent 13
Birthdate:May 17, 1985

616 Background || HMD

Comic Verse
+ Niece of Peggy Carter
+ On-again, off-again girlfriend of Steve Rogers. "On" since V5.
+ Helped assassinate Steve, not because of the dating thing, but because the Skull and Dr. Faustus brainwashed her; also helped bring him back
+ Ended up losing her and Steve's child during multiple escape attempts meant to keep her (and her child) from being used by the Skull again.
+ Briefly Director of SHIELD
+ Formerly a Secret Avenger
+ Supposedly dead as of Volume 7.

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Sharon Carter is property of Marvel. PB, when used, is Abbie Cornish - she's her own property, though I'm trying to transition the icons to Emily VanCamp, who plays Sharon in MCU and is also her own property. Mun and muse are both over 18. All 616 icons are by me and up for grabs unless otherwise noted.
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